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There are many modern renditions of the beloved Odyssey by Homer, but which one stays true to the original plot: O, Brother Where Art Thou? or The SpongeBob Movie? Though the two movies are aimed at different audiences, it is important that they both convey the same story of the centuries old tale. O, Brother Where Art Thou? followed The Odyssey’s storyline more closely than The SpongeBob Movie, and was easier to understand the messages being shown.
The order of events throughout The Odyssey serves an important purpose. Without a cause beforehand, the effect afterward would not be the same. The events in O, Brother Where Art Thou? are in chronological order to the events portrayed within the epic poem. The order of events in a story are what
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is very obvious in representing the main points in the poem. They are made to be clearly understood and recognized as what they are in parallel to The Odyssey. On the contrary, throughout The SpongeBob Movie, the content was much more subtle and dismissible. The viewer could easily overlook the tale of The Odyssey held within.
It is of great importance that age old legends such as The Odyssey can be understood by all ages. O, Brother Where Art Thou? is aimed at older audiences and may be inappropriate for children. For example, the film includes sexual innuendos and heavily references racist ideas. The SpongeBob Movie is geared towards children, as it is an animated cartoon. Children generally have a tough time understanding mature themes, like the ones in The Odyssey. Due to the fact that the movie is for children, the work of art by Homer is lost inside.
Overall, O, Brother Where Art Thou? Was stronger at retelling The Odyssey by Homer due to the close following of the original storyline and character portrayals. Though The SpongeBob Movie was enjoyable to watch, the great myth is almost unrecognizable. It was not consistent in the retelling, and the purpose of the characters were difficult to understand. As a result of this, the journey of The Odyssey was better retold through O, Brother Where Art
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