O Hare International Airport Case Study

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O’Hare International Airport located in Chicago, Illinois, 27 Km far from the north west of the Chicago city Centre. The airport is the largest hub of United Airline, Also the second largest hub of American Airlines and it was established in conurbations ares.The airport can be accessed by a train (the Blue Line of Chicago L). It works 24 hours a day and the time from the city center to O’Hare International Airport is nearly 40 mins.
Chicago O’Hare International Airport is the fifth in the list of busiest Airports in the world and recorded 66,883,271 passengers in 2013. Also, it was elected as the best Airport in North America for 10 years by tow magazines (Business Traveler Magazine 1998 – 2003 & Global Traveler Magazine 2004 - 2007). Airport O’Hare website mentioned that there are 2,409 aircrafts operate per day and it links to above than 60 international
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This plan elmuates the future vision of O'hare. Also, it will change O'Hare interesting system of runways to parallel runways which is more effecient. That will increase the capacity of the airport and cut down the delays as well as accommodate certain demanded into the future. In addition, OMPias going to keep the airport and Chicago compititive in the global marketplace. Beside it motivates the economic growth and job creation, the airport plays an important role in attrracting businesses and travillers to chicago and the OMP will help it. In 2001 when the OMP was declared, the estimated cost was at $ 6.6 billion. The cost was gained from airfield projects and key elements of western terminal compus. However the todays total cost is $8.7 billion. The program is gaining profit from numerous sources including (GARBS) airline backed general airport revenue bonds, FAA letter of intent (LOT) grants, FAA airport improvement program (AIP), and passenger facility charges

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