O Henry's One Thousand Dollars, By O. Henry

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In “one thousand dollars” by O. Henry, the man inherits dollars but finds himself conflicted for he doesn 't know what to do with it. “ Now, what can a man possibly do with a thousand dollars”(O. Henry page 389). This quote means that he just got one thousand dollars but doesn 't know what to do with it. What this means to the theme is he 's being bad with the money that he doesn 't know who he is or what he wants. This is important because this is the whole plot of the story. In another quote it says “ But if- as our client, the late Mr. Gillian, explicitly provides- you have used this money as you have used money in the past- I quote the late Mr. Gillian- in reprehensible dissipation among disreputable associates- the $50,000 is to be paid to Miriam Hayden, ward of the late Mr. Gillian, without delay” (O.Henry Page 393). This says that if Robert Gillian would’ve spent the money wisely, it would have gone to him but since he didn 't, it went to ms hayden. This matters because at the beginning of the story he didn 't know what to spend it on but if he would 've known the catch he would 've known what to spend it on. Along the same lines In the next story called “Initiation” by Sylvia Plath is about a highschool girl that says she needs to be in a sorority to have friends. In the short story "Initiation," Sylvia Plath tells the story of a girl who is trying to fit in by being in an exclusive club. She ends up finding out how to be herself and not joining the club. Through
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