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In this informative article titled “Everything, you need to know before watching the people vs. O.J. Simpson.” Writer Ashley Ross from Time magazine does just that. She gives you a rundown of what some people call the trial of the century. With the brand new television series that just aired on FX it was nice to have a reminder of what all led up to this monumental trial. As we are watching this series unfold with all of its glory it may slip your mind that this actually happened in 1994, when a very famous football player was accused and found not guilty in the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson as well as her friend Ron Goldman, who was just dropping off a pair of glasses when he was brutally murdered.
Ashley Ross starts off by reminding us of the man accused of this crime. Orenthal James Simpson, or O.J., who started as the running back for the University of South Carolina where he won the Heisman Trophy in 1968. He was then drafted by the Buffalo Bills where he spent nine years before being traded to San Francisco’s 49ers. Afterward, O.J. retired and became a public figure, as a sports
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Simpson. The prosecutors had blood evidence at the scene of the crime as well as blood in O.J.’s infamous white Ford Bronco and his home. The defense quickly tried to disprove this by claiming it had been contaminated by the LAPD. The prosecutors then came at the jury with disturbing 911 calls from Nicole begging the police for help, again the defense was quick to state these calls and pictures of a beaten Nicole were not relevant to this trial. The biggest piece of evidence was the finding of a blood soaked blood, this glove was found on the property of O.J. Simpson. This lead to a moment most will never forget when O.J. Simpson tried on these gloves in front of a jury and they did not fit. O.J.’s head defense attorney Johnnie Cochran repeated these infamous words, “If it does not fit, you must

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