O. J. Simpson Reality TV

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A Tall, Case of O.J. Today’s reality television shows involve much more than just scandalous drama and a peek into people’s personal lives. Reality TV today is a dramatic, exaggerated documentary of the exclusive lives of celebrities and non-celebrities, alike. Reality television has been remarkably affected and altered from the events and turning points of the 1990’s. As the fashion, technology, and the world changed, so did the way we perceived TV personality’s lives. In the 1990’s, television was affected by the arrest and trial of O.J. Simpson. The O.J. Simpson trial was an iconic and controversial topic of the 90’s. O.J. was a former popular football player and media personality who was accused of murdering his wife Nicole…show more content…
Simpson trial captured television viewer’s attention, and everyone was discussing the trial; the world was obsessed and overly fascinated with it. This somewhat shaped America and history with how the public was so absorbed and intrigued with everything and anything related to the trial: everyone was tuning in to the news and reading newspapers to get the latest news on the murder trial. The Simpson trial demonstrated “the polarization of racial attitudes on issues such as law enforcement that still exists in our country” (Linder 9). The trial also brought to light the trend of having cameras in courtrooms and introduced a new form of journalism. As reality television gained air time, viewers, and popularity, America became more invested in stranger’s lives than their own. In affiliation to reality television, it also just so happens that one of Simpson’s lawyers was Robert Kardashian, who is the father of the made-famous-through-reality-television Kardashian daughters. The Kardashian family and their relatives gained a lot of notoriety from Robert being one of the lawyers on the case. The Kardashians now have their own reality television show that has become one of the most popular reality shows to this day. This all ties in and relates back to how the Simpson trial shaped television history. O.J. Simpson’s verdict was questioned by many, and most agree that he should have been found guilty. Although, his case transformed reality television however, no matter the outcome. The intense interest in his case helped bring on the public’s enthrallment with reality TV stars and the like. The Kardashians, one the most popular and recognizable reality stars would not be where they are today without the events of the Simpson trial. Television was forever affected and reshaped by the O.J. Simpson trial of the
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