O Pioneer Character Analysis

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Alexandra knew exactly where her benefits and advantages lay in comparing with men. The essential factors to Alexandra’s success under the difficult and terrible situations include her willingness to learn from others, and her strong will, passion, and desire. In O Pioneer, Alexandra was an emancipated woman to some degree because she was financial independence by managing the land and her hard work. Her economic independence enabled her to have a final decision in her affair to get married to Carl oppose her brothers ' wish, and stood up for her rights in life. In short, her independence made her voice heard by the world and force Carl her future husband to take her seriously. In most of the Western movies, men are those have a right and voice. The western men are the one with guns, leader and…show more content…
He did not allow his woman to come with him because as a gentleman he wants to settle first and since he was not sure what will happen to him during his journey he does not want to put his love in danger. That’s how Cowboys portray on Western movies; heroes, riding horse, gun shooters, defending town and people, decision maker, leader. In the Fools Crow, the main characters of books are males. The one that shows muscularity by having horses, cows, lands and several wives. Women like and attract to men who have horses or more lands. The females character roles are simple women that they cannot manage their life without their men. They depend on them since they provide foods for family and they are leaders. Success can bring man wealth, fame, love, power and almost whatever he desire, whereas it brings women loneliness, and kept many men away from since these qualities are opposite her gender and belong to the male gender. Alexandra said, ”I wonder why I have been permitted to prosper if it 's only to take my friends away from me” ( Cather,
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