OB/GYN Medical Office Environment Analysis

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OB/GYN Medical Office Space
The medical office is a place of business. As such, the first place patients see is the reception area. The first person patients see is the receptionist. Both make a lasting impression. Maintaining a positive environment for patients while they wait to see a physician or other health care provider is important. The environment is not just the reception area itself, but the professional appearance of the staff. (Carlene Harrison, 2010)
Location and Services
A new small one-floor 10 room obstetrician/gynecology office is being open in a suburban area a couple miles from the areas local hospital. This one-floor office building includes; reception/waiting room, 1 administrative office, 2 exam rooms, 2 doctor’s office,
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Our office welcomes patients with a calm, soothing lavender walls. Large windows with white draperies allow to let in natural lighting into the reception area. A large window is also located at the reception desk. Allowing the office staff to being able to keep open communication and also allow staff to visibly check on patients. Cream colored, cushioned chairs are available for seating as well as cream colored 2 loveseat sofas for the patients that would need a little extra seating. The seating area will be dividing into 2 different sections with both sections having a wooden coffee table full of magazines to read pertaining to women’s, family and children health topics are available for reading as they wait. In the section where the love seats are located a play area is available for those patients coming with children. A small television with a DVD player is located in this area. For those patients with small children can sit and watch an animated movie as they wait. The office is adorned with artificial orchids and ficus trees. The walls are decorated with painting of flowers, bringing in the natural elements into the indoors. The floors have durable dark hard wood floors that can withstand any spills or dirt coming in from the
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