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When I was younger, I always said that I wanted to be like my grandmother. My grandmother, who is a nationally recognized Cincinnati Enquirer’s Woman of the Year, is a successful Obstetrics Gynecology Registered Nurse. I’ve taken an interest in becoming an Obstetrics Gynecology Physician, also known as an OB GYN solely because of my grandmother’s influence. During the summer, I visit my grandmother in Ohio, and she often takes me to work with her and I get to see just what the job is about. I enjoy seeing the babies in both the nursery and the Intensive Care unit (NICU) as well as observing the OB GYN’s visiting with their patients while they are in the hospital. I want to be an OB GYN so that I can assist maturing women with maintaining a healthy reproductive system so that they can carry full term babies and a live healthy disease free lives. As an OB GYN, I want to be a source of…show more content…
Jospehine English of New York did with her patients. Dr. English, who was one of the first black female OB GYN spent a little over a decade of her profession working as a practicing physician for Harlem Hospital before starting her own Women’s Community Health Clinic in Bushwick, NY in 1958. Dr. English who was raised in Englewood, New Jersey, graduated from Hunter College and earned her medical degree from Meharry Medical College where she was one of just 13 women who were seeking out medical degrees. Most men were off fighting World War II which gave Dr. English an advantage of becoming a noted OB GYN. She served the elite, and became very popular through word of mouth. Dr. English can be credited with delivering all six daughters of Malcom X and Betty Shabazz. “Dr. English was known for teaching people how important it was to get involved in Community Health,” as told by a former patient and retired school teacher, Olivia

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