OB Nurse Scholarship Essay

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Have you ever been stuck in a position where you don’t have a clue on what you want your future career to be? Well, it definitely happened to me. I was influenced by many people to choose a career similar to theirs. I observed the lives of friends and family that were business, accounting, engineering, teaching, and psychology majors, but none caught my attention. It was then that my mother shared numerous stories about her days as an OB nurse and how that had made her into the mother that she is. I was fascinated by the way she recalled her memories, but I was truly mesmerized by the spark in her eyes and the smile on her glowing face as she told her stories. I knew she truly loved her job, and I yearned for the same experiences that would allow me to find my “dream job.”…show more content…
I got to see several ways that nurses provide care for their patients. I observed ICU nurses care for their ill, elderly patients. I witnessed physical therapy nurses assist their patients to ambulate immediately post-surgery. I noticed how fast ER nurses work to triage their patients. I learned a lot from those nurses but could not decide which unit was meant for me. Nevertheless, I applied to the University of Texas at Arlington’s nursing program and was accepted in Fall 2014. That opened the doors to countless opportunities for me to find my spark.
Through my lectures and clinical rotations, I was taught that being a nurse meant ensuring the safety of every patient and working arduously to maintain their quality of life. With that principle in mind, I practiced my skill as a nursing student on every unit that I was assigned to. I started to feel hopeless day after day of doing the same task continuously without seeing a spark, or “the light at the end of the tunnel.” Until I met a specific patient. For the sake of privacy, the patient will be named
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