OCD And Comedy Summary

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Occupational therapist helps the patient learn how to identify distorted or unhelpful thinking patterns, recognize and change inaccurate beliefs, relate to others in more positive ways, and change behaviors accordingly by participating in meaningful activities for them. The main goals are to help the patient learn that OCD can lessen over time and give him or her the tools to cope with fear or traumatic memories. OT role is to establish routines and habits, meaningful activities that promote optimal levels of arousal or relaxation, and strategies for managing symptoms to enhance occupational performance. These services can help people build self-esteem and establish supportive relationships with family members, school/work personnel, and friends.…show more content…
Mandel being an comedy actor is a relief of expressing his emotions/ feelings by making people happy. His symptoms like fears of germs, ritualistic behavior, meaningless repetition of words or repetitive movements “helped “ him to be a good comedian. That way he can hide the reality of his disease by acting or making funny movements or speeches. I understood from this video that OCD and comedy have something in common: that performing comedy is the time when Mandel has to really force every ounce of concentration instead worry about what has happened, what might happen, or get into that vicious circle of dark
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