The Oj Simpson Case

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Orenthal James Simpson, also known as OJ Simpson, was born on July 9, 1947. Once in high school OJ Simpson didn't have very good grades but his football skills got him to play for the USC Trojans. OJ simpson ended up winning the heisman trophy in 1968. Once out of College OJ was drafted by the Buffalo Bills but did not show his talent until the team switched to a running styled offense. OJ then retired in 1979 after a legendary football career. Simpson was then also accepted into the hall of fame in 1985. OJ also divorced his first wife in 1979, and his second wife in 1992. Two years later Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were both found stabbed to death outside of their condominium on June 12th 1994. After evidence was revealed OJ Simpson was suspected of the Murder, but he pleaded “Absolutely, Positively,100%, not guilty”(para)(O.J. Simpson Biography). What really happened during this trial, What went wrong, How was OJ Simpson not convicted?

After being convicted of the murders, Oj Simpson Hired a team of the top lawyers there were at the time. His team consisted of, Johnnie L. Cochran Jr., F. Lee Bailey,
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The nation was separated between if OJ was guilty or not. Everyday for about 14 months OJ was in every news article headline. The Simpson trial is what really brought life to some news networks. Before most news networks were struggling to even stay in business. Now they were making millions. Cameras became the new cell phone recorders would take their cameras everywhere with them. It got so bad that they had to ban them from federal courtrooms. (para)(O.J. Simpson Case)

As stated in the content above Orenthal James Simpson was found not guilty of any crime. Although O.J. won by not being convicted, but he also lost due to him losing most of his money to the lawyers who helped him. The main thing O.J. really proved was that “If the glove don’t fit, you must
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