O. J. Simpson Case Analysis

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The O.J. Simpson trial of 1995

The O.J. Simpson murder trial of 1995 was a big case that was all over the news. Orenthal James Simpson was arrested on June 17th, in 1994 "with two counts of murder"(CNN, 2013) for murdering his ex-wife and Ronald Lyle Goldman. On January 24th in 1995, his trial began. At the beginning of the trial, O.J. Simpson pleaded not guilty and was found not guilty on October 3rd in 1995. In this case, there was a lot of evidence and methods used in the case and trial to come to the final verdict. At the time of the trial of O.J. Simpson, different methods were used by law enforcement to measure crime and the criminal behavior patterns. For example, “the Uniform Crime Reporting Program, was created in 1929 to gather
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Two schools of thoughts that explain deviant behavior are neoclassical criminology and classical criminology. Neoclassical “focused on just deserts and rational choice”(Schmalleger),…show more content…
Many people oppose capital punishment, while others agree with it. There are many reasons why a criminal would get the death penalty, for instance, they murder people or killed a judge or a jury member. In the O.J. Simpson vs. the people case, capital punishment was off the table. One of the reasons that it was off the table was because he “didn’t have a long criminal record”(Mydans,1994). Another reason was that the death penalty was not “usually given for killing your spouse”(Mydans,1994). There are many pros and cons to capital punishment. For instance, a few cons would be that it has “been used on innocent people, a human’s life is taken away, and it’s more expensive to kill someone than it is to just keep them in prison”(Schmalleger). There are pros to capital punishment, like that they killed someone so “they deserve it or that it provides the only way that a society could get over their loss one”(Schmalleger). There are a lot of reasons to be against or for capital punishment depending on what you believe is
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