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Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) International is founded by James Hudson Taylor in June 25, 1865 as the China Inland Mission (CIM), and it led by our faithful God for 150 years. The organization first started in the unreached Inland provinces of China, as the Asian Christian began to be accepted into the organization membership, as the result, it slowly reached out to the nations of East Asia, includes Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, and Indonesia. In 1866, 24 workers were active in four stations across Inland, China. They were preaching the gospel and planting churches. In 1888, the CIM had sent 294 people to 14 provinces. In 1939, over 200,000 Chinese and minority people had been baptized. It shows…show more content…
The mission statement of OMF International is to reach the unreached people of East Asia with the hope of the gospel: “We share the good news of Jesus Christ in all its fullness with East Asia’s peoples to the glory of God.” The vision is “through God’s grace, we aim to see an indigenous, biblical church movement in each people group of East Asia, evangelizing their own people and reaching out in mission to other peoples” (“OMF International”). The work ethics they have is trusting in God for holy living, fruit in work and for all the needs. They pursue the vision and mission together in order to support and encourage each other. They also very passionate to reach the unreached, and take prayerful risks and persevering with the task that God has given to them. Besides that, they practice incarnational ministry to identify with the people lifestyle, learning their culture, language, and worldviews. Not only this, they partner in ministry with sending churches, missionaries, and mission agencies globally. Additionally, they value diversity in unity, such as ethnic, denominational, generational, personality, gifts, and gender. For this reason, they trained to respect, love, care, and foster unity in

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