Mysterious Money Pit

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This is a critical review of the article ‘Oak Island’s Mysterious “Money Pit” by David MacDonald in The Reader’s Digest of 1965. The review will first summarize the article. Secondly the review will critique the article by analyzing the article before finally judging the article’s accessibility and credibility. Overall the article was well written, clear and appropriate to the targeted audience. The purpose of the article is to inform people about the Oak Island mystery which has baffled people for almost two centuries. The article talks about treasure hunters who have earnestly tried to find out what lies at the bottom of a mysterious shaft called the “Money Pit”. As the name implies treasure hunters believe that a huge sum of treasure is…show more content…
There was no evidence of bias however the article raises a flare of hope to the interested parties in investing in unraveling Oak Island mystery. The article is both informative and entertaining to the readers. It talks about normal people spending their hard earned money and passionately bearing the struggle to unravel the Oak Island mystery. It is a good read however; there are many places in the story that doesn’t make sense. Just as Captain Kidd and other pirate stories are legends, there is no relevant evidence to prove that the original story of 1795 is true. For example, if someone went to the trouble of digging a 100-foot shaft to hide a massive treasure and then booby – trap it with drains that flood the shaft, why leave a block and tackle rig on a sewn-off tree limb that would arouse curiosity? How could people spend so much money in solving a mystery that may not be a mystery at all? The question is why certain people are trying to intrigue others in to believing there is something special in this pit which could very well be a sink hole. Could it be generated by treasure hunters who have an agenda: to get money or investors to invest in the island in digging the pit in the hope of getting more money! Or else it could very well be a desire to find the truth that leads people in to the Oak Island. Everyone has a growing appetite for unsolved mysteries. Hence this article shows how far people can go in order to get in to the bottom of the mystery of the Money
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