Oakdale College Case Study Essay

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Case Study #1: Prepare a report (maximum 1000 words) in which you (a) identify the problem(s)/issue(s) and then (b) offer one or more suggestions for resolving the problem(s)/issue(s). Submit this via email as a Word document no later than 9PM Saturday. (a) Identify the problem(s)/issue(s) Stanley Gersden has served as Dean of Students at Oakdale College for the last 11 years. Prior to that he was associate pastor at Oakdale Fundamental Living Waters Christian Church. Although now completely independent, the college was established by the Church some seventy years ago; given this historic connection, for about 10 years prior to his appointment at the college. Gersden was often called upon to engage with Oakdale students. He was highly…show more content…
About mid-May the president-designate from human resources sent the dean a letter which, in part, stated, “Because I have been informed of dissatisfaction with your service as dean I have decided to relieve you of this position, effective with my starting date as president—July 1st. Although you serve as an at-will administrator and as such I am thus not required to do so, I will place you on administrative leave for a period of six months and will continue your salary and benefits through January 1st.” Dean Gersden was stunned by this letter. He had never been informed of any problems or concerns with his work. In fact, when the last formal evaluation of his service was conducted (six years ago) he was rated “exemplary.” Oakdale University Termination of Employment Policy Responsible Officers: Executive Vice President, Treasurer and Chief Operating Officer and the Office of Equality, Disability, and Training. Purpose This policy provides guides lines for termination of employment from Oakdale College and is intended to ensure that the university fulfills its responsibilities in relation to all termination
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