Oath Of Blood And Macbeth Comparison Essay

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Angeles Sanchez
Mr. OrtizPeriod 4
English 12
Title The book Macbeth is a book written by shakespeare while the play Throne of Blood was a play influenced by the book but has many similarities as well as differences. The story is taken place during medieval times. The play is based on a person who has ambition to get power and take over the position of being a king. They express the idea that when you want something that is not meant to be or you force it in the wrong aspects you won't always get what you expected and it might turn into something you don't want. This person's ambition got in his way and made him regret and lose it all at the end. The story of Macbeth and The play Throne of Blood has a couple differences and similarities.
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While Washizu showed less ambition. Both characters believed that having more power would be nice but it was Macbeth that showed he wanted to the power now and in the book he stayed after to find out more information of Banquo's kids to see who he was running against with. He didn't think it twice about Banquo since they were friends. He let the idea get to his head.. In the Throne of Blood Washizu did not plot an idea about how he can make the prophecy real right away. He just showed more of a shock face. Macbeth was the type of character that did not speak up but had the ideas in his head of what he wants and how he would get it but the problem was he never really spoke up. Lady Macbeth is the one who gets to Macbeth in his head that they should have more power. Lady Macbeth tells Macbeth how if he does not do something to get the power, he isn't worthy. She helps Macbeth get what he wants but never spoke up. Their relationship in the story is more of lady Macbeth being the stronger one and in more control. In the
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