Obama Care Act Pros And Cons

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The affordable care act, also known as Obama care has been working in America. The plan is far from perfect and will not cover every American who is need of care, but it made a dramatic impact on the state of health care in America. It has made the system better because it has put more money into doctors and hospitals and it has also allowed more people to get covered by health insurance plans. The quality of care his seen an increase in the quality of care, according to the publishers of The Affordable Care act is Working (2015) state that since 2011 there has been an improvement in patient safety and the number of hospital readmissions for avoidable cases has been reduced. This is related to fact that more people are covered; since the act can have…show more content…
Since the time the act has been enacted we have not seen the big loss and problems that were once perceived. The act has allowed for people to have better forms of care. The Untied States does not have a universal healthcare system but this is close second. Making it mandatory for people to have coverage may be a bit of struggle for some but when it comes the quality of life then it is a must have. People need to be able to receive care and it is not a punishment of large medical bill because they needed care. The Affordable Care Act is an act that helped many people who would not have otherwise gotten help, many families can now afford care for their kids and plans can now be given to people without Medicare. The Affordable Care has made America better more people are getting help and more money has even been place in to the heal care system. This act is the start of a beginning of a time where people can get good care and continue to get coverage. Over time there is a going to be a change is how medical care is
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