Obama Care Argumentative Essay

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Living a healthy life is a struggle to some American citizens, being able to afford to be healthy poses a significant challenge to some Americans. With the costs of a hospital visit potentially being greater than a thousand dollars, many Americans choose to forego treatment and hope they recover from their ailment without medical attention. To combat this issue, president Obama introduced the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, to encourage Americans to sign up for health insurance to be able to afford healthcare. The ACA provides subsidies to low income families and individuals, fines businesses who do not provide health insurance to full time employees, expand existing federal and state health plans, and sets a standard for health insurance policies. Additionally, since the introduction of the ACA into the American healthcare system, insurance premiums have not increased at the same rate they have previously. But, states believed the ACA was unconstitutional because since the Senate created the fees and other charges ‒ later ruled as taxes‒ associated with not having health…show more content…
Before the ACA health care and insurance varied state by state and offered differing levels of care leading to an imbalance of those who could afford proper health care and those worried about going to the ER. The ACA was able to set a standard for health insurance providers in the United States. To persuade more Americans to pay for health insurance the ACA provides tax incentives and subsidies to help Americans pay for insurance. However, the American public thinks the ACA is a separate health care plan created to undermine state provided and regulated healthcare. This is the reason for some of the negative opinion of the ACA in America because they see the United States becoming socialistic and therefore become
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