Obama Care Controversy: The Uninsured

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The Uninsured With the 2016 election passing just a mere month ago, we have all had our fair share of politics. And without a doubt, if you watched any of the debates, you heard about the Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare. While Trump, along with Republicans. wants to repeal this law, Hillary, along with Democrats, wanted to build off of it(What Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Have Promised To Do To Obamacare). Regardless of where you stand politically, everybody can agree that compared to previously the ACA has made many negative and positive changes, and it may work for some but not others. Before the Affordable Care Act, the majority of employers, 57% in 2013, offered group health insurance policies(“The Uninsured: A…show more content…
Two years after being elected, in 2010, President Barack Obama and Congress passed a legislation called the Affordable Care Act, often called “Obamacare”. This brought major changes and controversy. With the ACA, no insurer can charge you more or deny you a policy based on your previous or current health conditions. Young adults, whether they are financially independent and out of the house or not, can remain on their parents insurance until the age of 26. Knowing that their child was covered brought relief to many parents (“7 Big Health Insurance Changes From…show more content…
Not exactly. Even though Obamacare requires that everybody obtains health insurance, 28.5 million people are uninsured in America as of the end of 2015.(“The Fiscal Times”) Why is that? Even though the number of uninsured people has dropped nearly 13 million since the ACA was passed, research has shown that even after the changes many people still cannot afford it(Key Facts about the Uninsured Population). These millions of people are not only taking a big risk and not obtaining health insurance, when they file their taxes in April they will have to pay a fee for each month and each dependent without coverage. These fees can be hundreds of dollars putting them even more in debt. The Affordable Care Act has helped millions of people and there are many great features to it. But, Obamacare is not enough and it is not the solution. Politicians need to continue to come together to find a happy medium. An act that benefits everybody and helps more and more become insured. Yes, Obamacare has pushed us farther to the finish line, but as The United States Of America we can produce something bigger and
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