Obama Epideictic Speech Summary

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David A. Frank’s rationale for conducting the research was centered around the idea that eulogies responsible for persuading people on the national level should determine circumstances which require additional policies. This idea was based on two particular speeches of president Obama’s following mass shootings in Tucson and Newtown. The key areas of research Frank contributes to are in the functions of national eulogies, diction in epideictic dialogue, as well as diplomatic approaches in advocating policy making. A key theoretical concept strengthened by this research is that presenting a base for policy change is required in epideictic speech for societies to advance. In this case, Frank uses gun control as an example for the premise of policy building. His thesis consists of the notion that Obama’s speech in Tucson did a fair job of consoling the…show more content…
He also argues that by providing room for debate after epideictic dialogue, such as in Newtown, societies can advance with reason-based action on major issues. Some theoretical concepts Frank used in conducting these arguments are concepts of restrictive speeches which offer thoughtful reflection and persuasive speeches which lead to taking effective action. Frank supports his initial argument by analyzing the Tucson and Newtown eulogies. The speech Obama gave in Tucson avoided debate on gun control. Obama mentioned that changes might need to take place but her did not emphasize on what. He left people very pleased, including the republican party which mostly opposes gun control. The events in Newtown however left Obama with a better opportunity to persuade the nation on implementing gun control policies and thus, he announced a call for action. This began the nationwide debate on what type of action should be taken on gun control
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