Obama Figurative Language Essay

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In both of the stories jeter and obama use many strategies like colloquial language and rhetorical questions. They explain it in different types of ways.

Jeter in the beginning of the story asks rhetorical questions. This makes the readers not literally go and take it but they can think about it and answer the questions to themselves. Also he uses colloquial language to explain that he’s not only talking about baseball but other goals such as being a big shot doctor,you have to train and work hard to achieve it. One of the last strategies he uses is figurative language. He uses this strategy to compare his legs and arms to twigs to explain to his mother.“what would you love to do? What are you good at? what would you like to do for the rest of your life? (Jeter,61).
I told my mother, I was 14 years old and looked 12 because of the twigs i had for legs and arms. (Jeter,62). We’re not just talking about baseball here- we’re talking about life, about realizing goals, and about living dreams, no matter what they are.”(Jeter,61). Obama uses strategies in his story too.He uses figurative language to explain to the readers that he’s comparing his father to the Grinch.Also he uses descriptive language to explain that he can’t see through his father even though he had been with him for 2 weeks. The last
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He remains opaque to me, a present mass; when i mimic his gestures or turns of phrase,I know neither their origins nor their consequences, can’t see how they play out overtime.”(Obama,74).” ...I could watch the last five minutes of my show , I felt as if something cracked open between all of us, goblins rushing out of some old,sealed of air.(Obama,72). The authors, Jeter and barack share their different dreams using strategies to explain to the readers in different types of ways. For example Obama the author of Dreams from My Father and Jeter the author of “The life you imagine” uses rhetorical questions and colloquial language to explain
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