Obama Immigration Policy Essay

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Obama’s Immigration Policy: Presidential Memos to order Deferred Action Within the last few years, immigration has been a huge topic for debate. Americans have seen a large increase in the numbers of immigrants, specifically illegal immigrants, over the last few decades. That has many citizens wondering what has changed. One of the most recent changes has to do with an executive policy known as deferred action. Some of the questions Americans should be asking are: How does the deferred action policy differ from previous immigration policies, how was it set into motion, and how will the changes impact America short term and in the future. The United States of America was formed, even before it was a country, by immigrants. Well before the Constitution was written, there were people looking for refuge here. The colonists were not the first to migrate from elsewhere. The Indians were found to have first inhabited the land which we now call America. After that, the colonists came and once they became a country formed laws. Immigration is part of how the United States of America came to be, but even the founding fathers saw a need for laws to be set in place to regulate and preserve the country.…show more content…
Not only do immigrants cost America financially, but they also need housing, education, healthcare, and jobs which all have an individual impact from immigrants. Many of these issues are covered using tax payer dollars and then the overwhelming population due to this growth in immigrants will have to be addressed in each individual area or city. Some of these issues are fire stations and police officers to accommodate the larger populations, hiring enough teachers to educate the growing rate of children enrolled in the public schools, or providing welfare benefits such as food stamps or Medicaid to immigrants who are mostly of low-income
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