Short Summary Of Obama's Controversial Speech

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In 2008, Obama took an opportunity to speak on the issue of the current state of racism in America, after many controversial remarks were made by his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, that were deemed racist by the majority. This was only eight months before he would become president, and very much set forward a path he would follow through with his presidency. Beyond all political views, though, did Obama do a quality job at explaining the truth behind racism in America today, or did he present a biased interpretation that fit his worldview? Firstly, Obama briefly discusses the long history of black rights in America, from the original constitutional writing up through his campaign. This short summary helps the audience understand the context of his speech, allowing them to see how far the country has progressed and why racial tensions are still evident today. It will allow his reasons to be shed in the light of a past that he desires to move beyond. He further backs up his reasons to come by explaining his own life’s journey as well as some of the brief troubles they’ve had up to that point during the campaigning process. With this, he attempts to secure a more personal connection with his audience and does quite well. However, much of America was familiar with a recently viral hit of…show more content…
This final concluding moment helps to personalize the many views on racism Barack has stated rather than a regurgitated summary of the preceding points. The story shows how one person was able to make a difference in her community through the unfortunate experiences she faced as a child having to live on little money. It is here where Obama succeeds at emotionally grabbing his listeners, showing that while government is an important factor, the individual’s fight to make a difference is just as important. Listeners who get this feeling tied to the nation’s future in a way that makes them feel
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