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JDBC and ODBC Most Convenient Way To Differentiate
Main Difference
JDBC and ODBC, both are the API (Application Programming Interface) that help the applications on the customer side to get to the database on the server side. The RDBMS merchants give ODBC or JDBC drivers so that their database can be gotten to by the applications on customer side. The point that on a very basic level separates JDBC and ODBC is that JDBC is dialect ward and it is Java particular while, the ODBC is a dialect autonomous. Give us a chance to find in what number of perspectives the does JDBC and ODBC varies from each other with the assistance of examination diagram demonstrated as follows.
ODBC is an open interface which can be utilized by any application to
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ODBC was created by SQL Access Group in 1992 at any given moment there were no standard medium to convey between a database and an application. It doesn't rely on upon a particular programming dialect or a database framework or a working framework. Developers can utilize ODBC interface to compose applications that can question information from any database, paying little heed to the earth it is running on or the sort of DBMS it employments.
Since ODBC driver goes about as an interpreter between the application and the database, ODBC can accomplish the dialect and stage freedom. This implies the application is alleviated of the weight of knowing the database particular dialect. Rather it will just know and utilize the ODBS linguistic structure and the driver will make an interpretation of the question to the database in a dialect it can get it. At that point, the outcomes are returned in an arrangement that can be comprehended by the application. ODBC programming API can be utilized with both social and nonsocial database frameworks. Another significant preferred standpoint of having ODBC as a widespread middleware between an application and a database is that each time the database particular changes, the product does not should be refreshed. Just a refresh to the ODBC driver would be
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• ODBC requires manual establishment of the ODBC driver supervisor and driver on all customer machines. JDBC drivers are written in java and JDBC code is naturally installable, secure, and mobile on all stages.
• JDBC API is a characteristic Java Interface and is based on ODBC. JDBC holds a portion of the essential component of ODBC.
Main Similarity Between JDBC and ODBC
The JDBC and ODBC are utilized by the customer side applications to get to various types of databases on server side.
Both the JDBC and ODBC are utilized from an application on the customer side to get to various sorts of database on the server side. When you need to stage and dialect autonomous then utilize ODBC else when you are chipping away at Java stage then utilize JDBC.
The JDBC and ODBC are the two types of Application Programming Interface, which are not similar to each other. Examine their differences.
Comparison Chart
Basic ODBC is dialect and stage autonomous. JDBC is dialect and stage subordinate (Java
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