Obedience Reflection

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In this movie it goes through and talks about birth, education, employment, obedience, questioning, creativity and credits. We discussed these topics in class and even though we haven 't finished the movie all these seem to interlink in someway. I feel that the topic I have most to talk about is obedience I believe it can be best tied into the topic of education and employment. The movie says something such as that throughout life we are taught to obey by our parents, teachers, employers and society. I agree with this because wirth anything in life there is a set of rules. We always set standards for ourselves by these set of rules and try our best to follow by them. First with education we are taught to pay attention in class, to do out homework, and to behave in class and in return we will get good grades that will lead us to help shape our future in learning the lessons we are meant to be taught.This is just one connection I have on this topic. I would say that I not only believe these statements told from our movie, but see the truth and the connections that have been woven through every part of our lives. When looking at obedience, it is something we are taught to do basically from the moment we are born, and growing up we are put to the test of showing our obedience every day. In education we simply comply to the things our teachers are telling us about, and accept the truths that they are telling without hesitation. Due to this mindless learning we are taught
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