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Should You Take Your Puppy to Obedience School?

Taking your puppy to a good obedience school is a worthwhile investment in your dog’s life as well as yours. In the past, it was recommended by experts to start formal training classes when the dog was about six months old. However, today, animal behaviorists recommend starting much younger because by six months, bad habits can be formed that are difficult to change. If your dog doesn’t have any health problems, you can start formal classes as early as seven to eight weeks.

According to the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) most puppies can start socialization class at seven to eight weeks. They should have had at least one set of vaccines and a deworming seven days before
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When he is busy eating, you can close the door. Only close the door for short periods at first. Never give treats if your dog whines, but you can give treats when he stops whining.

How to Curb Separation Anxiety

Your dog needs to learn that they can live happily with people and other dogs. This is called socialization and can lead to an outgoing and confident dog. Socialization starts at birth when the puppy is vulnerable to good and bad experiences. It is important to expose your puppy to other people and animals so they learn to accept them in their world. If they have positive experiences before they turn 16 weeks, they are less likely to develop fear. Some tips for curbing your dog’s behavior are:

• Keep him busy so he doesn’t follow you around the house
• Pick up your keys and open and close the door without going anywhere
• When you do go out, leave a radio or the TV on so the house doesn’t seem so empty
• Make sure you spend at least two hours a day with you dog. If this isn’t possible, a dog walker or doggy day care may be a good idea
• If you dog has had obedience training, he may be less likely to develop separation anxiety in the first place
• If nothing works, your dog may need professional

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