Obedience To The State Crito Argument

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Plato’s: “Obedience to the State” is a passage that takes place after Socrates has been condemned to death by the jury of Athens. Crito, a student of Socrates appears outside of his cell and makes one last attempt to persuade Socrates to flee Athens and save his life. Crito makes many valid points in trying to convince Socrates to escape, but Socrates feels he should accept the decisions that has been made regardless of the lethal ramifications. The following paragraphs will analyze Crito’s arguments and Socrates response, as well as express how Socrates position is the stronger due to his knowledge of justice. While trying to appeal to Socrates emotions, Crito begins his argument by stating how the public would accuse him of not helping…show more content…
Socrates makes the point that after being condemned to death in court had the chance to flee to another country as an alternative punishment. Due to this opportunity there would be no point in breaking the law by escaping when he had already had the chance to leave justly. Socrates has stated that “It is better to die with honour than to live in dishonor” and if he were to escape he would be making a very unjust decision that could lead to many implications. If Socrates were to reside in a new country, he would still be known as a man who breaks the law thus giving him a bad reputation. He could not return to his old ways and teach about justice, goodness, institutions and laws are of highest value to people because he would appear to be a hypocrite. Therefore he would not be fulfilling Gods commands because he could no longer teach. Socrates argument about the laws not having an effect because he broke them is a very valid point. Many people would learn about his decisions, especially the young, and possibly follow his example. The State would be punished by not having control over its citizens. Because Socrates has always been satisfied with the laws, he has no right in destroying them. Therefore he should stick to the agreement with the laws like he has always…show more content…
After analyzing Critos arguments and Socrates response, Socrates decision to stay was the right choice because of his knowledge about what is just and his loyalty to the Laws. Though Crito’s attempt at persuading Socrates to escape to another country was solid, it would not have had a beneficial outcome for Socrates life. It would lead to many negative implications like Socrates being a bad influence for children and youth. Therefore, he would not be able to fulfill Gods command to teach. Overall, the points Socrates makes within his response to Crito shows that escaping Athens is not what would be beneficial for him, his sons and the Laws. Thus concluding that his position is the stronger out of the
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