Obese Teens: Misunderstood In Our Society

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Teen Obesity Obese teens are commonly misunderstood in this society. They are judged because of their appearance. Many of them are mistaken as something they aren 't. Some stereotypes of obese teens are that they are lazy and have a lack of discipline. It has also been said that they’re irresponsible and unattractive. Some misconceptions about obese teens are that they have a lack of will power and are this way because of their genes. Obesity in teens is misapprehended because people assume characteristics about them. Obese teens should be more understood by society because they may be going through some situations we may not understand. Obese teens have been around for some time now. They are either emotionally troubled or going through…show more content…
Having no other care in the world, but the one of your food finishing. Truthfully obese teens do have other cares. They 're not just sitting on the couch all day and eating. The majority of them are too busy dealing with their emotional problems so they can 't do that. Obese teens are generalized as sitting inside watching television instead of being outside playing with friends on such a beautiful day with birds chirping and a warm summer breeze hitting your face refreshing you while playing basketball. Most obese teenagers are outside, wanting to play basketball on such a beautiful day but they can 't. Not only because of their health, but they feel as if people will judge them for trying. They may also feel that they are going to get bullied and laughed at by other people. They are afraid to enjoy sports like other people do, if it wasn 't for their appearance they would be out there. Have you ever woke up at 3 on a Saturday afternoon on your soft, comfortable bed with the blanket only wrapped around your feet, leaving your upper body to catch a slight warm breeze from the open window? It sounds like a great place to be at right now doesn 't it. Well this is how obese teenagers are stereotypically pictured on a Saturday afternoon. Instead of getting up for a run around eight in the morning they sleep in until after noon. In reality, many obese teens wake up earlier than this to do chores or to take care of siblings when their parents leave to work in the morning. When you think of an obese teenager, you think all of these situations and more don 't you ? Well these stereotypical pictures we have in our minds when we think of obese teenagers are most of the time wrong. We tend to make a generalization about this group of individuals because we assume before we know
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