Global Health Problems

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Obesity is a growing global health problem. It is typically a result of over-eating of unhealthy diet and the lack of enough exercise. We all know that very well. It is a very serious matter for this world yet people don’t take it as a serious issue. Over-weighted people can have dangerous effects, emotional problems, and take a lot of responsibilities to get back to their normal weight. Some scholars say that obesity is a disease because it meets the definition of disease; it decreases life expectancy and impairs the normal functioning of the body, and it can caused by genetic factor. While some other scholar said that it is not a disease because it is a preventable risk factor for other disease, the result of eating too much and it caused…show more content…
Obesity is the result of eating too much. In the last few decades, obesity has rapidly increased because there are many high calorie foods such as fast food and junk food. Those types of food are high in things like salt, sugar, and fat which can contribute to weight gain. People nowadays love eating fast food, skipping breakfast, eating most of calories all the time, drinking high-calorie beverages and eating oversized portions. According to Adams (2004), obesity is not a disease at all but rather the natural result of a person making extremely poor decisions about food choice and physical exercise. This show that most of the people do not know how to make an intelligent choice about what type of food, groceries, and beverages that they have to buy. As we know people are suggested to take about 2500 calories for man and 2000 calories for woman per day to maintain a healthy weight. But if people eat certain type of food like eating a large take away burger, chocolate shake and fries can total almost 1500 calories and that’s just a one meal. So, how about the other meal? This mean that people have problem of eating too much per day and most of them are not physically active, so lots of the calories will end up being stored in the body as fat. Moreover, Keith (2013) also mentioned that obesity is largely caused by poor decisions like binging on food or eating lots of candy, ice cream or snacks. It shows that obesity simply caused by eating too much and exactly not a disease. It is a choice to be

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