Obesity Epidemic Analysis

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The obesity epidemic has been growing at an outstanding rate for some time. Some assume it is problematic, yet some contradict. Meanwhile, not plenty of masses understand what the obesity epidemic is and how it actually affects humans. Quite a bit of questions and debates have emerged on the topic of what humans must accomplish to end it. After numerous sessions and debates and multiple years, scientists have gathered enough information to know the existing causes, effects, statistics, and the impact on society. Sometimes they only have suggestions, but other times they have direct responses based on countless years of data collection and patience. That information “shaped” society today. One main key point of the obesity epidemic that…show more content…
This is how obesity is actually a problem, but this is only one of the various ways to gain obesity. Obesity and weight gain are triggered by many different causes such as loitering and, yes, the consumption of fat-filled foods. One problem that ends up in obesity is overeating. Whether it 's overeating or normally eating junk food, that can result in an obese person. When people eat, either a certain amount of sugar is traded to turn into fats, or the good health of the food, such as in fruits and vegetables, will break down some of the fat already stored. Meaning, if people eat too much of the fattening food, they get fatter, and if they eat a lot of the healthy foods, they get either skinnier or no change…show more content…
When there is too much fat clogging the human body system, heart attacks come easier because of the smaller amount of space a heart has. When somebody’s heart stops, the person lose consciousness and are in very bad trouble, which is another horrible thing that can happen from obesity. Another one is a stroke. Borrowed from the American Stroke Association’s website, “Stroke is a disease that affects the arteries leading to and within the brain. It is the No. 5 cause of death and a leading cause of disability in the United States,” (1). This is also extremely deadly, as stated the 5th most common cause of death, because if excess fat somehow plays a part in clogging blood flow to the head, a stroke will occur from obesity. Obesity can cause terrible health hazards such as strokes and heart

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