Obesity In America Documentary Summary

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This short documentary ‘’ Fast Food, Fat Profits: Obesity in America’’ presented by Josh Rushing focused on the rise of obesity in America among young adult. According to this documentary, obesity has reached a crisis point in America, as two out of every three Americans are overweight. While there are many factors that played a role in this issue, he believed that cheap food, food deserts and processed food are the reasons why one out of every three Americans is obese in our country. Back in the days, malnutrition and food shortage have been the scourge of humankind. However, as chronic food shortage issue has been resolved, we are now faced with the epidemic of obesity, and in most countries, it is now recognized as a public health crisis. Compared to previous generations, American’s food system has transformed dramatically. Nowadays, fast food and processed food have gradually replaced the traditional home cooked meals in Americans’ diet. Nowadays, most Americans realized that they could get a value meal at fast food restaurants for far less money than it takes to purchase foods to make a healthy meal. For example, our public schools are home…show more content…
The way that obesity are portrayed and framed by the media actually shaped the public’s understanding and attitudes toward individuals affected by obesity. Negative portrayals of obese persons are become more common in TV shows, new reports, and movie. Unfortunately, most of the content in the media tend to illustrates obese characters as being lazy sloppy, unhappy and unattractive. A recent study suggested that individuals who viewed photographs expressed more negative attitudes toward obese people than did who viewed the positive photographs. So to say the least, the framing of obesity in the media is integral to public perceptions of the problem and the shaping of public
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