Obesity In America

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Obesity is one of the leading health problems affecting children in America. Furthermore, Obesity is the primary contributing factor of many problems in our community. In addition, most children are obese due to an improper balance of calories, and calories being burned. Although, a better quality of school nutrition is a solid step to preventing obesity; likewise, more enforced physical education classes could decrease obesity in children significantly. On the other hand, symbolic interactionism might explain the way obese people are discriminated against, and how they might feel socially isolated. Altogether, obesity is a major health and social problem, which in most cases is initiated in childhood. To commence, obesity has contributed in many ways to the problems in our community. As a matter of fact, obesity has caused bullying in our community; likewise, it can possibly result in violence. Additionally, if this issue continues in the life of an adolescent, it can bring a great deal of diseases in the future. Moreover, increasing early death rates in a drastic fashion. Overall, obesity is a severe problem our community faces today. Correspondingly, an incorrect caloric balance is the obvious contributing factor for obesity, meaning more calories …show more content…

Moreover, out of all the problems in the community obesity is the main contributing factor. One of the most common reasons for obesity is a bad balance of calorie intake and calorie expenditure. Although, a high quality food in school is a great initial step to exterminating obesity; Along with, a better equipped physical education class can reduce obesity by an abundant amount. Furthermore, the main factor that will decrypt why obese people feel discriminated or socially isolated is symbolic interactionism. Altogether, obesity is a major health and social problem, which in most cases is initiated in

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