Obesity In Australia Persuasive Essay

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(Melbourne, Victoria) Obesity Australia reports that one in three women are overweight or obese when they become pregnant, of grave concern as moms carrying excess weight during pregnancy are prone to complications. Women who fall into this category carry a higher risk of pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes and/ or high blood pressure. In addition, children born to women who are overweight tend to be heavier, leading to the lead for more emergency interventions at the time of delivery. Women wishing to lose weight before or during pregnancy should consult with their doctor and determine if The Healthy Life Project, a Free Weight loss Program, is right for them.

"The Need Vs Want Healthy Life Project strives to help individuals change their life in a positive way, while adding years to their life. The program provides tools individuals need to achieve this goal, focusing on workouts, mindfulness exercise and meal
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"Doctors often hesitate to speak to a woman during pregnancy about her weight. Fear of upsetting or offending her is often the reason given, yet everyone in a community needs to help expectant mothers deliver healthy children. The community program offered through The Healthy Life Project can be of help with this goal, and the results will be seen long after the child has been delivered. The goal of the project is to help everyone achieve a healthy weight, not just expectant mothers, so anyone looking to shed a few pounds should contact the project today," Abya declares.

About Need Vs Want Healthy Life Project:

The Need Vs Want Healthy Life Project strives to help individuals make good lifestyle choices at every stage of life to ensure they stay in good health while preventing illness. The project looks at the entire picture, rather than just one aspect of a person 's life during the process and informs participants about what they can do to lead a healthy lifestyle at all times.


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