Personal Narrative: I Am The Fat Kid

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Obesity wasn’t because it ran on me, but it was because I never ran for it. Going back 10 years ago in high school I was that kid, yup the fat kid. Today, I am no longer that fat kid, rather I am the fit adult and this is why I am so deeply into the fitness world today. The high school life goes far beyond the cool kid the different school clubs and being the class clown, for me it was the opposite of those options. I was the fat, obese, uncool kid and that lead me to be the fit adult I am today. Nothing comes easy specially losing weight but with hard work, determination and realistic goals I managed to make a few changes in my appearance. Of course, not only physical changes came with that, but several other advantages raised. Past actions will always leave something to be learned, so I must apply today what I’ve learned yesterday to avoid similar mistakes tomorrow.

First, my weight loss journey was not something that was planned, but rather something that one day sparked in my head. As I was eating a meal, and by meal I mean a double quarter pounder with large fries, a large drink and for good measure a cheeseburger on the side. At that moment
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With that being the case that was my first bump of many to become fit, but after trying home workout routines to no avail I decided to seek something better, more fun and free. I found a park with a few stairs and a basketball court and let me tell you, to me that was the best find I have ever found in my life!. I started as a 16 year old with a staggering weight of 255 pounds, but after a few years of doing something simple as playing regular basketball pick up games and good nutrition I managed to drop to 185 pounds, although my goal was to lose as much weight as possible I never thought about the things that I couldn’t see in the mirror that came with
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