Obesity In Public Schools Essay

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Unfortunately, the numbers of obesity in the country have increased throughout the passed years. Many people wonder how the numbers have increased after implementing many programs such as nutrition and healthy choices in the classrooms and world. Practically all public schools (99 percent) offer nutrition education somewhere within the curriculum, and many integrate it within the total curriculum. (National Center for Education Statistics). While the journey and factors of being in that situation lead to the same diagnoses, the circumstances differ from one another and attack the body and mind in distinct ways.
A person can get to the point of being obese in two different ways that overlap in some areas. Genes and genetics are two different …show more content…

They are frequently chronic, with a relapsing/remitting course.” (Obesity and Its Relationship to Addictions). What people learn as children, greatly impact the decisions they make in their future lives. The addiction of eating is as bad as having an addiction of smoking; both will eventually kill you. Not being able to stop eating or measuring when it is enough, can put you in the path of having premature heart attacks. Addictively eating hits another part of your mind and body in a psychological way, more than your actual genetic makeup. The thought of needing to consume it is much stronger than your will power to measure your quantity of food. Some people will begin to feel comfort from having a full stomach and will continue to try and experience the same feeling again. You may have been taught early in life some wise healthy choices, but as an adult a bad habit can turn into a serious health risk. This is where the psychological aspect of this comes. “Obese individuals often eat more than they intended and make frequent yet ultimately unsuccessful efforts to control overeating.into play” explains NCBI. Addictions will distort your way of thinking things and will create barriers. Any person can start out healthy but the real challenge is maintaining your

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