Obesity Informative Essay

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Obesity Obesity is a lifestyle. It’s a choice that comes from within, and sometimes can’t be prevented but it certainly can be a change. Approximately sixty-nine percent of the American population has become obese over the past century. As the years more forward, it increases in all age groups. Obesity can lead to several problems that root from health issues, changing diet, or laziness. Health issues are one of the leading causes of obesity in America today. Some issues are preventable to the human body and others happen by the nature of ones body. Sometimes when a women wants to be sexually active but doesn’t want to be at risk for reproduction, she takes a small pill once a day or some can receive a shot referred to as birth control. There are many different types of this medication. Some types result in uncontrolled weight gain. Certain occurrences inside the human body that can lead to obesity are a low metabolism, high hormone levels, and thyroid issues.…show more content…
Fast food is Americas go to when we’re in a hurry or just want to eat it on the way. This is our biggest weakness, and one of the worst options we can choose. Everyone loves the dollar menuOf course, they have the healthier options salads or wraps but after everything we like to put on our salads we might as well get a burger. Another factor that applies to unhealthy dieting is taking in larger portions instead of the recommended amount. While eating family dinners, we tend to go back for seconds and not think anything of it but do we realize how many portions we need a day from each food group? Everyday we are to consume an allotted amount of grains, fruits, vegetables, meats, and
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