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Obesity Proposal Obesity is a major problem in the United States. With the rates on obesity constantly rising we have to come up with a way to solve the problem somehow. Fortunately, there are some way that we can help and that includes helping the youth understand obesity, encouraging restaurants to improve their menus and nutrition facts and opening space for citizens so they can become fit and active. One of the main issues as to why America is obese is because of all the opportunities they have available to them. Obesity is a major problem in the United States, and with all the special privileges given to its people, America has become very lazy. With portion sizes rising and physical activity decreasing, it is easy to see how the rates on obesity has risen over the years in America. Obesity is a major problem that needs to be resolved because it affects all people of every gender, age, and race are at risk of being obese. Obesity rates in America have nearly doubled rather tripled within the last twenty years due to the many privileges that the American people have before us. Something must be done to overcome decrease the…show more content…
Those who tell the people who are over-weight to love themselves and to be comfortable with who they are and not to care what people say about them because their words do not matter. In Jennifer Grossman’s article she mentions what the activist means, she states, “They believe that people should love their bodies and that people should eat anything they want” (Grossman, 34-38). There is no doubt that the quote is very true, but the talk about obesity does more than trigger the feelings in a person. Obesity is much more than just a person’s feelings it is much more. Obesity can lead to so many more problems in the ones health if not taken care of properly. It can lead to death and in that case life is much more important than a person’s

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