Obesity Satire

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Obesity worldwide epidemic Today there is an epidemic that eventually has affected all humans thanks to this epidemic people tend to suffer health problems. This epidemic is call obesity and it is a worldwide disease, obesity a disorder involving excessive body fat that increases the risk of health problems. This disease affects all ages it can be female or male it doesn 't matter, but there are more than 3 million US cases per year. Sadly many of these people don 't really care about their health and keep eating how ever they want, of course no one is going to stop people from eating right? But what about kids and teenagers? Kids and teenagers tend to suffer more from obesity, and kids spend more money than adults. Some even get bully for…show more content…
Parents usually blame the advertisements that pass on television promoting junk food and believe that it is persuading the child to buy or consume the product that is been promoted. But in reality the advertisement is for the parents but and the parent will take the decision if it is good for their kids. When they show the image of the product on television the image might seem really appetite that would convince someone to go and buy the product. That is the person 's opinion of course and yeah eat in a fast food restaurant is not a bad thing but some people don 't the the damage it can make the body. There have been people who eat everyday out and in two weeks gain more than 5 pounds and their cholesterol raises. Eventually this does not stops teens and…show more content…
Some clubs have been created to help others there have been made more gymnasiums for people who are willing to help themselves. Exercising can help people to have a good life in a way where they can feel their body with joy and not with symptoms that can bother the person to be happy. The world would be a better world without diseases but that is impossible we live in a world where all we see is diseases food is good and bad it just depends on the person. As teenager should care for their physical health it 's a hard challenge but it takes courages to become the person that a person wants. It is really hard to lose weight but it is easier to gain it but if a person has courage then that person will not let anything stop his goal. People might try but get disappointed that their are no changes, just continue don 't give up there is hope for all of us it just

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