Brushing Your Teeth Research Paper

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13. Obey your Parents to Prevent Teeth Damage
When we were kids, our parents would always remind us to brush our teeth. “Brush it when you wake up, after every meal, and before sleeping,” they would constantly tell us. This is because they want us to have a healthy set of teeth even when we grow up. However, but brushing alone is not enough to maintain our teeth.
Taking care of your teeth is not as easy an easy task. You need to treat your teeth the same way you treat your family and friends— with outmost care. You should also follow the other reminders of your parents and dentist, like not eating too much sugar or flossing before going to bed.
What’s more, there are many products, nowadays, in the market to prevent teeth health problems.
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Welcoming your Wisdom Tooth
As a child, you were probably excited to get your wisdom tooth. This is because we believe that the wisdom tooth is associated with adulthood. We used to have the idea that this tooth is a sign of growing
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Regularly pay your dentist a visit.
Aside from having a good oral ritual, it is also important to use products that are safe for your teeth. Remember to choose teeth whitening products that do not contain harmful chemicals. For instance, when it comes to teeth whitening products Foxy White Smile is your go to brand, as this product does not contain peroxide. 16. Making Teeth Whitening a part of your Routine
We whiten our teeth various reasons. Some people do it to feel brighten their smile and make them feel more confident about their selves, while the others whiten their teeth especially for an occasion, like an upcoming wedding or a school presentation.
At-home teeth whitening usually last for 6 months to one year. If you were satisfied with its effects and you wish to whiten your teeth again, then it is a must that you make teeth whitening a habit. In order to do this, you must keep in mind the dos and don’ts of teeth whitening.
To keep your teeth white, remember to avoid eating food red sauce or smoking. You should also use a trusted product when whitening your teeth at home. For example, Foxy White Smile, a non-peroxide teeth whitening products that ensures long-lasting results.
17. How Having a Good Smile Can Make You More
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