Obeying Laws

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A popular slogan of today “You’re a fool if you obey the rules”(A Red Light for Scofflaws). In this excerpt from Frank Trippett’s “A Red Light for Scofflaws”, the author argues that citizens who break ‘minor’ laws should be reprimanded. Trippett goes on by stating that when it comes to these laws an increasing number of citizens are breaking them. Trippett provides observational evidence on why people breaking these laws are in the wrong doing. This excerpt contains a informational tone for the general public that may be ignorant to these ‘minor’ laws. Obeying laws are key, because they are set in place for a reason and keep society running as smoothly as possible. Some people who oppose the author 's stance might argue that, these ‘minor’ laws being broken may not have an impact on any ones life. For example, an individual who runs a stop sign when nobody is around may just blow it off like it was no big deal. But, the more frequent occurrences of these small actions will eventually cause something catastrophic to happen. The same rule applies to littering. When somebody throws a wrapper onto the ground they don 't think…show more content…
As Frank Trippett stated “But the foundations of social order are profoundly shaken when ordinary law-abiding citizens take to skirting the law”. Many Americans feel that the definition of breaking the law has to do with mainly violent crime. This is not true because every law is important to keep people in check. Abiding these small laws that one often makes is a true test of one 's character and morals. If somebody goes around littering on a daily basis, they most likely do not care about our future environment and deserve to be held accountable. All of the ‘minor’ laws that are committed, do throw off society as stated in the excerpt. For example a car that is speeding and driving recklessly, will really aggravate other drivers around them, acting like a domino effect. All in all, these less severe laws are necessary to being a good
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