Obierika's Speech In Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe

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I have chosen the book called “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe. The text that I have written is a speech from the aspect of Okonkwo’s close friend, Obierika. I chose Obierika since I thought he was the one that was most likely to stand up for Okonkwo. The speech presented was written in a harsh tone, combined with spirit and passion. A prominent style of the speech is that Obierika uses a lot of repetition, as he has preached about how his clan have lost the mighty warrior Okonkwo, and turned their backs from the clans’ gods and customs. This is to make a strong standpoint, and to show power, confidence and masculinity. Obierika ultimately wants his clan to stand up for their rights and take back their land from the white men that are colonizing it. (138) Today is a sad day, for today, a great warrior have fallen. A man of honour. A man of titles. A man with a big heart for his clan. He came from a family of poor conditions. As a boy, he had to work hard to bring food to the table, since his father did not succeed. Like a phoenix, he rose from the filthy ashes and spread his majestic wings. This is the type of man that we need. Stubborn as a mule, determined to become the best. To lead us all to a brighter future. A man that was a dear friend of mine. This was a man that we could trust. Then why is this man not standing here proud, supporting his beloved clan, you might ask? He was a man, and he would never have committed the worst act of them all. Something must have

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