Object Relations Therapy: Video Analysis

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Video The video I chose was Object Relations Therapy for the reason that it is close to psychoanalytic theory. The video talks about the therapist relationship with the client. Jill Scharff mentions how this “therapeutic relationship is really the essence of the whole thing” she goes on to talk about how object relations theory bridges the gap between race, gender, economic status and how this theory is kind of a universal theory. Theory This theory deals with the experience of the client and it takes into account all the levels of consciousness. In looking at the different levels of consciousness you able to build an active relationship between the levels allowing the counselor to examine the ego of the client. The purpose of this theory is to examine how the client’s unconscious mind relates to the objects around them so that they may discover the…show more content…
Like every time he took a drink she took one as well. I did also notice that she used a lot of micro skills with her client she nodded to show she was listening, she used many open ended questions, she kept her posture open to him so that he would do the same. She also was direct with the client when she felt he was skirting around an issue. Insights I gained While watching this video I learned that even though it may not look like there is a structure to the session their actually is, and a good session isn’t something that’s choreographed. You should not go into a session with a specific plan of what you will talk about and what questions you are going to ask because the conversation may lead to another issue that may need to be addressed. In watching her interaction with Phil the session did seemed to be very disorganized but while listening to them talk I saw how she brought him back to the topics each time it reminded me of a dance in a
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