Objectification In Mass Media

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In the past years, advertisers have formulated more strategies to promote and sell their products. These strategies include the use of women in their advertisements. Today, the exposure of women in most ads is that of thin, flawless images of models to show audiences the definition of beauty and heroism through appearances (Wolf, 2002).
In order to encourage and persuade its audience to imitate what they see in films, television, and magazines, today’s mass media use images of models and actors who are artificially manipulated and developed by using computer technology to create an ideally perfect, flawless role models, that nevertheless look real and natural (Mazur, 1986). These kinds of representations of body and beauty standards in media is a proof that objectification still exists in today’s society. Objectification happens when a person’s whole function and existence is only valued like that of an object that can be dismantled, stared at, purchased, edited and enhanced, and be used for sexual representations (Bartky, 1990, p. 26).
As an example of objectification, the image of women used in today’s magazines is that of thin, flawless models that present audiences the definition of beauty through physical appearance. As any audience of the mass media, women follow the trend presented by magazines which could give a great increase in the thin ideal body figure that many women uphold. With the rising production of magazines targeting women as their audience and with the
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