Objectification Of Women

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After watching Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Women by Jean Kilbourne, I began to notice how much women really are sexualized in advertising. I see a lot of this on my Twitter and Tumblr feed but I honestly have never given it much thought. After seeing all of the different ads presented in the movie and during the lecture in class, it is mind blowing to see how many ads are based purely off of selling the female body and sex. The Carl’s Junior ads shown was really eye opening. They were selling a hamburger but all they were presenting was a half naked girl on the beach. The actual woman was not even selling the product she did not say a word the entire commercial. All that was supposed to be selling the hamburger was her exposed…show more content…
With such an increase in the different ways women are objectified through media today, the self worth and self esteam of many young girls today is decreasing tremendously. The raise in eating disorders in many women can also be traced back to the objectification through ads. The image of an ideal women society has put into the mind of women across the country has also impacted the reason why eating disorders have become so prevalent. Kilbourne states “Turning a human being into a thing is almost always the first step toward justifying violence against that person.” In this quote she is trying to explain the human thought process that leads us to believe that it is okay to hurt inanimate, but it is not okay to deliberately hurt another person. She is showing how if we think the person is just an object it is easy to do what we want with them without having to have remorse and guilt later. Some argue that it is okay to objectify women as long as it is in the name of art. The human body is one of the most amazing pieces of art we have. The human body can do an infinite amount of things and can be used to portray many different things. Objectifying women is not art, it is cruel and has terrible repercussions on the young generation. Women are more commonly objectified then men, but young men are just as impressionable as young women. When men are objectified they are shown to be strong and in power although women are protrude to be fragile, weak, defenseless, and not in control. When making art of the human body, it can be done through painting, sculpting, and modeling. This is done with a taste that you do not get through purposely trying to make someone appear to not be a person and only an object that can be
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