Miss Representation: The Objectification Of Women

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In the present day, women are seen in an exceedingly overwhelming majority of advertisements and the media. we are able to see them obtaining degraded, dehumanized and Marginalized through the media. thus I accept as true with the above statement. The Canadian documentary “Miss Representation” reveals the negative and limiting images and women and ladies, significantly in media. It attacks the objectification of women in advertisements. It demonstrates the variations within the nature of comments concerning women vs. men news reporters and political candidates. Everyday we have a tendency to expose ourselves to thousands of advertisements in an exceedingly wide selection of environments where we have a tendency to go however still we have a…show more content…
Communication is extraordinarily vital for women’s development and mass media play vital role. it's to be distinguished that growth of women’s education and their entry into this business through employment has contributed to the expansion of media. If Media may be a strong agent of change, it may be an equally powerful agent of oppression. it's while not a doubt a dominant medium for support of gender equality and therefore the standing of women. nevertheless the media may reinforce stereotypical pictures of women and their roles in society. Women and their contribution to the society have always been overshadowed by the news of their hardships and atrocities inflicted upon them. it's indispensable that the print and electronic media present a balanced image of women’s various lives and contributions to society in a ever-changing world. As media has large influence on individuals, it ought to act with additional responsibility before coverage and publishing any news. Portrayal of women that is derogative to their image by media is an evidence of lack of gender sensitivity and has concerned creating them in control of such representation of…show more content…
Mass Media could also make a strong contribution, with the implementation of media campaigns, to the dissemination of the concept of gender equality. If people see in the media the overcome of the differences between men and women will bring him back into everyday life. The Mass Media have always unconsciously affected and influenced the thinking and behavior of society. Media should focus success stories of established, successful & renowned women in spite of indecent representation of women. As an important agent of socialization shaping of gender roles, its mechanisms for checks and balances with respect to gender need to be strengthened. The media should enable projection of women in 19 a decent and dignified way and promote respect and dignity to women avoiding negative portrayal of women. The media professionals need to be sensitized on gender issues and a system of rewards may be developed for those who are able to portray women in positive manner. Likewise, stringent punitive action should be

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