Objectifying Women In Social Media

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Objectification Women
Objectification women nowadays is one big issue in my eyes. I believe that it is practically everywhere and needs to put a end to it because it can cause alot of issues for young and older women including it being overused majorly, how it is affecting people, and how it is influencing the younger generations.
For instance, The overusage of sexualizating women now of days is ridiculous! In a article by Susan Krauss she states “Reports have found that sexualization of younger children is increasing more commonly in advertisements” "Your Body on Display” That means more and more children are going to be put in that position to be used as a sexual object to the media. I believe that is wrong having children be used to look
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Objectifying a woman in social media is usual for this day in age. But how does it make the people who 's seeing it feel? In a article from “Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy” it concludes that “ To treat someone as merely a body for another’s use without recognizing that she too is a subject with desires, is to treat someone as a slave, as a subhuman creature or object and therefore violates her dignity as a human being” i believe that it is very damaging to young women by seeing girls and women being used as a sexual object to sell a product. In a article from feminist perspectives on objectification of women they quote that “ In our society pornography defines women 's role as a sexual objects available for mens consumption” "Feminist Perspectives on Sex Markets." In that same article they talk about how to gain social acceptance how women continually feel the need to change their appearance and their bodies to make them look more like social ideals of women and girls now of days "Feminist Perspectives on Objectification." Girls now of days depend on the media and others opinions about what they look like or what they do so they could be more socially acceptable. They might even objectify themselves by seeing all these women being all dressed up with their hair done and makeup, that might make other women look down on them own selves because they might not look like that and feel upset or depressed over seeing beautiful photoshops girls all over the place and no average…show more content…
Stating that children should not know the amount of sexual knowledge that they know today for their ages. If you would bring a young girl to the store to buy a doll no doubt she 'll pick out the most prettiest doll there with their makeup pretty clothes. Stores sell more product if it is appealing to one 's eyes and if it is there 's a high chance that they 'd buy it. So in stores there might be a young girl going to buy perfume and of course the more commonly known ones with usually celebrities on them sell more but if you notice almost in every picture of a celebrity trying to buy something even if it is for a younger generation there usually in a “sexier” type of outfit. a quote from wikipedia quotes about what contributes to the sexualization of younger girls that includes “ Including girls in ads with sexualized women wearing matching clothing or posed seductively, dressing girls up to look like adult women. Such as child beauty pageants that encourage girls as young toddlers to wear tight fitted clothing, high heels, and fake eyelashes. Dressing women down to look like young girls. this is known as infantilization of women. And the employment of youngful celebritiy adolecents in highly sexua; ways to promote or endorse products” “Wikimedia Foundation” Because of children being one of the main age groups on social media they are exposed to many different things and images. And
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