Kinesthetic Learning: The Four Types Of Learning

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There are many ways of comprehending information to further one 's education in life. Students can be in study groups that meet at various areas; such as a house, restaurant, or even the library. Students need to learn new skills, tasks, and the ability to stay up with current situations. But, no one learns the same way as others. Classification of learning styles that can help students strategize study time and get the best results without causing stress or headaches, there are four types of learning. Students can be classified by visual learning, auditory learning, kinesthetic learning, and reading and writing learning. These four can be used to find student strengths to apply to academic learning and everyday life.
Let 's start with visual
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List type will teach the most during the learning than just sitting in a chair and watching. They like to do their best by participating in activities or solve problems in a Hands-On manor. They usually have good coordination and remember what they do. To be a kinesthetic learner they may have to be doing something while thinking or have trouble sitting still. But they tend to exceed and drama, music, and even sports. They like to create, make and build things out of wood, metal or even Legos. To help kinesthetic learners study better they will toss or kick a ball around while thinking, trace words when studying and walk or rock while studying notes. They will even do study blocks of time to give them brakes and between to rest. Playing with flashcards, games or other activities to comprehend the learning may also…show more content…
These learners are at ease with written words. They like to read the learning information and are able to absorb it like a sponge. They can repeat it in their own way, that will be exactly how they read it. This is usually the best way to get through note taking college classes. Reading and writing Learners like to make lists, read and write, have guidance and written directions. The best way they study is doing notes and ideas in their own words, review notes after done writing them down, and convert visual information into written words. They will use resources from papers, books, magazines, or even computers and have printouts that help follow along with the notes.
Students fall into one of these for learning categories. Knowledge and information is something that all students are going to use if they know it or not. Students need to learn that all teachers teach differently and they have to adapt to their learning method. Now that classification of learning is explained; visual learning, auditory learning, kinesthetic learning and reading and writing learning, students are able to understand the way they learn best. Students can help work out study time and get better results without being worried or stressed out. Students will be able to have better self and

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