Objective Memories Of My Father

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Object memoir One of the most vivid memories of my childhood is the hours I spent awaiting the arrival of my father to enter the driveway after weeks gone for work. After each journey, my father came back with a new treasure of a precious glass snow globe. My shelf had only been filled with the various snow globes that come from places all over the world. But the one that held the most value in my heart was my beautiful white horse snow globe that my father had brought back from his first travel. I would constantly turn the golden knob that initiated the magical sight of the gorgeous horse turning on a bronze rod, and I greatly enjoyed the elegant music that had my sister and I leaping across our room on a daily. Not only did the snowglobe bring joy and beauty into my life, but it forced me to master the art of patience. Continuously I sat beside my window as I gently grasped my snowglobe and watched for the return of my father. Time was my enemy and it always felt eternal when my father left, 2 hours turned into 2 days and 2 days would become 5 days and eventually, I would find myself still waiting by my window for 3 weeks. My snow globe was a constant reminder that my father would soon return, even if I was not sure when soon was. I was always mesmerized by the beauty of the snowglobe as sparkling flakes sprinkles all around, it brought a kind of happiness into my heart that was much different from the mind of happiness you get when you eat something delicious or get a

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