Objective Personality Assessment

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Objective assessments offer information about the pathology of the client’s past. Objective personality assessment formats provide the counselors a structured framework to evaluate different aspects of a client’s personality (Neukrug & Fawcett, 2015). The objectivity of the assessment is based on the client answers not being persuaded by personal feelings, understanding, or preconceptions; based on facts; unbiased (McGuire & Leak, 1980). There is great creditability in using objective personality test for clients. overall, human characteristics can be measure from an analytical viewpoint. Furthermore, objective personality assessments benefits include time, effort, and cost-effective. Conversely, it provides counselors with data to use in developing an evidence based treatment plan. Inaccuracy issues are prevalent in both objective and projective personality assessment. The client-counselor relationship becomes a key factor in convincing the client that, it is in their interest to do their best or be honest during the…show more content…
The NF portion of your personality suggest you are guided by principles not rewards or retributions. Your personality combination consists of a small speak in population (16personalities, 2016). Your intuition prefers you to communicating with others using implied comparisons. Your perceptions are founded on and instinct (Neukrug & Fawcett, 2015). You are guided by your feelings. Your social value is a major factor in your decision making process. You take a subjective approach and think of others when making decisions. Your perceiving relates to your sensing and intuition. You prefer not to be tied to a set schedule for determining what you want to do with your time. You prefer to have flexibility and spontaneous and like to have options to make things
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