Objective Vs Subjective Knowledge

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Does knowledge only add value to our academic pursuits, or can it enriches our lives in all different aspects? Can knowledge be purchased or is it built through experience and input? Humans have been haunted by these rhetorical questions that define our lives. In my essay, there are two kinds of knowledge; subjective and objective. Subjective knowledge is based on personal perspective, assumptions, or beliefs. Objective knowledge, on the contrary, is based on observation and facts(Dombrowski,2013). The focus of this paper will be on subjective knowledge as it determines how human beings think, illustrates how decisions are made, hence, how meaning and purpose are produced. Knowledge is the accumulation of one’s life experiences and journeys…show more content…
The theory of evolution and the meticulous studies on living organisms made humans think more of their origin and the purpose of their existence. During my Biology course, we learned that evolution states: the best genes usually are the ones to survive thus, they are inherited. Correspondingly, the development of technology and gene therapy were applied to create superior generations as diseases are diagnosed at early stages thus a cure can be found easily. Objectivity through science and statistics is important. One might argue that objective knowledge is the basis of life. On the other hand, it may be argued that objectivity has caused loss of meaning, of direct revelation. Here forth, technology has facilitated in many things but it removed the meaning of nature, an example of this is DNA modification. DNA modifications tend to make all human beings “perfect” and do not have flaws. Though, isn’t imperfection what makes life meaningful and unique? Therefore, sciences may enrich one’s learning by broadening aspects. On the contrary, subjective knowledge provides fundamentals of producing personal life experiences, through making mistakes and learning from them accordingly developing skills through personal involvement which is what provides purpose and meaning to our…show more content…
A history book is written by one person so it might hold one opinion. Moreover, history might had been written for a past incident that cannot be utilized for a current one. Still, a person who wants to know and explore things correctly must be a critical thinker. And as an IB critical thinker, it means a lot to read different points of views, analyze and interpret them with an open-mind, and then using my critical thinking to implement good ideas in daily life appropriately. Therefore, I truly believe that history is important and does create our identity thus the meaning and purpose of our

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